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Year 3 Maths – W/B 6th July 2020

This week we will be looking at PARTY PLANNING!

Lesson 1 -3

This week we are setting you the challenge to plan and budget for a party.

Activity 1- Each person going to the party will need all of the items in the box (see ‘Party budget planning’ sheet below). Work out the cost of each item then multiply it by the number of children in your class to find out how much you will need to spend. How many children are in your class? Choose an appropriate level for you.

Activity 2- Now it’s time to plan your very own Lockdown Lift Party. See activity sheet below ‘Plan your own party’. Who would you like to come? How many people are you going to invite? What food will you need? Make sure you plan carefully and use the inverse operations to check your calculations are accurate. Don’t spend too much! Enjoy party planning.

Lesson 4

Complete ‘Summer 8’ test below. Transcript and answer sheet available. Go through the answers and see how well you did.

Lesson 5

Use today to try and smash a TTRockstar record!