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Year 4 ICT – W/B 6th July 2020

2 Week Project!

In computing, we are going to be looking at stop frame animation – Do you know what that is? It is a very clever way of making ordinary objects look like they are moving by taking lots of pictures of them in slightly new positions and then playing them back really quickly! Wallace and Gromit is an excellent example of this – You can find lots of these videos on YouTube, they are definitely worth a watch.

I have also included a lego animation example – Something we will be working towards creating ourselves.

Your first task is going to be to try and animate your name, or a word of your choice. To do this you will need to download the app ‘Stop Motion’ on to your tablet or device – it’s free and is a great resource! Once you have the app you will need to draw, colour and cut out the letters of your word of choice.

Finally, you will then use the app to take photos of your letters, remember to move them slightly after each photo. There is an example of a few that I have done but I’m sure yours will be much better.

Once you have created your first animation watch it back and see how it looks. How could you improve it? Are the movements too big? Are they too small? Does the camera move? Is there background movement? Having thought about these questions, have another go at creating one with a real focus on how you can improve it. You may want to add extra effects. Could you make the word disappear?