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Year 5 Geography – W/B 6th July 2020

Lesson 5 – Animals on Mountains

Recap on previous learning of mountains and the different types of animals the children saw living on a mountain and what type of vegetation they think might grow in different mountainous areas. Watch video – animals that live on mountains.

Find a mountain animal that is endangered and create a fact file on it.  Information that they might want to include in their fact file: where the animal lives; what the animal eats; how does the animal live? (large groups or on its own); why is the animal endangered; how many of the animal are left living in the wild and what could be done to save the mountain animal.

Below is a really good website to look at with the children to view different threats to different mountain animals and what we can do to help prevent extinction of the endangered animals.

Discuss the animal/s that the children chose to focus on and ask them to present their findings explaining the various different reasons for that animal being endangered and what we might be able to do to prevent that animal from becoming extinct. Have a go at the mountains crossword.