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Year 5 Science – W/B 6th July 2020

Lesson 4 – Balanced Forces

Look at the PowerPoint and discuss the different push and pull forces. Then watch the clips

Draw a balanced/unbalanced force using the activity sheet. There are lots of word banks and vocabulary resources to help with spellings and discussion about balances and unbalanced forces. The children need to make sure the arrows they draw are demonstrating the force pushing/pulling in the right direction. 

Lesson 5 – Air Resistance Investigation

This lesson will be an investigation exploring air resistance. Watch the clip below.

Look at the air resistance PowerPoint and discuss.

The children will attempt to make a parachute/s – if they are feeling brave they could put an egg on and try and make it land safely! Photo evidence if they are successful in this challenge would be brilliant. If you have enough materials, the children could make two parachutes, changing a variable on each and then testing to see which is more successful. There is a planning sheet to support their investigation.

Equipment needed: Paper, Card, String, Selotape, Child safe scissors, Toy figures/an egg