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Year 6 English – W/B 6th July 2020

Any lessons or resources that require the use of YouTube or other social media platforms should be supervised by an adult.

English – 3 Lessons this week

Due to the Aboriginal Art and Bridge Building Discovery Days, you will only have three literacy lessons this week.

You will need to complete the following activities over the three lessons:

Complete the Romeo and Juliet Comprehension Sheet

Watch the ‘Shakespeare in Shorts’ video clip. Think about Romeo’s emotions throughout the story.  

Using the character study – line graph – sheet, plot Romeo’s emotions at different points in the story. His emotions will probably start at the mid-point between positive and negative on the graph. This will be based on your own opinions.

Extension Activity

Complete a second graph showing Juliet’s emotions. Show differences between your two graphs explaining why you think emotions are higher/lower at given points.