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Year 4 Maths – W/B 13th July 2020

Our final week of Maths in Year 4 – Can you believe it!

Lesson 1

During the lessons the children should work their way through the revision book provided. The booklet covers lots of different areas of maths and should give an insight in to things that the children feel confident in and things that the children need a little extra help with ready for their transfer in to Year 5.

If there is an area in which you are finding tricky you can visit ‘My Maths’ and revisit the lesson walk through – This will really help you.

Lesson 2

The ‘Mystery Maths Challenge’ – Can you work through the pack provided to work out who the culprit is in the investigation. It will test you on lots of different areas of maths. Make sure you take your time and double check your workings out, one incorrect answer could lead to you accusing the wrong person.

Lesson 3

The number challenge – Today is going to be an investigative piece of work that will require you to work methodically and really draw upon the four operations.

Your task is simple, you need to make all of the numbers between 1 and 30 using just the numbers 1,2,3,4 &5 and the four operations. The only rule, you can only use each number once for each sum.

I have given an example of answers you could have for the numbers 1 to 5 – There are lots of different answers so you can still come up with your own for the first 5. It gets trickier as the numbers become higher.


3-2 = 1

4-2= 2

2+1= 3

3+1= 4

3+2= 5

I have also given an example of a higher number just to give you an idea of how it could look:

4+2 = 6, 6×3 = 18, 18+1=19

Lesson 4

Your final task will be to create your own ‘Top Trumps’ game. You will be free to design the cards around whatever theme you like; football teams, super heroes, teachers, television programmes. The important maths aspect to this is that you decide which each category is out; out of 10? Out of 20? Out of 100? It doesn’t have to be the same for each category. The second important maths aspects is that you plan for how each card within your category; the game wouldn’t work if each card had the same score, you need variety within your categories so that each card does have at least one chance of beating which ever card it is up against.

There is a template attached that you can use to help design your cards – If you have never played top trumps before you can search it on google where you will find all of the rules and some ideas of how you should score your own cards.