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Year 4 Computing – W/B 13th July 2020

Your choice!

For our final ICT lesson there are two options:

Option1: Continue with Stop Motion Animation

Building upon the skills we gained from last weeks lesson, you can now try to apply these to objects. Your task will be to try and create a short animation movie perhaps using some of your toys from home. Plan your story before you start filming it, a top tip would be not to over complicate it, often simple works best with these. If you really want, you might create back drops to help set the scene for your short film. Don’t forget to keep the camera/ipad in a fixed position at all times and try to avoid have movement in the back ground. You would be more than welcome to email any finished stories to your teachers, I’m sure they would love to see what you have created.

Option 2: PowerPoint of the year

Using the skills you developed right back at the beginning of the year, your task is to create a PowerPoint that shows off everything you have done and achieved in Year 4 this year. You may want to dedicate a slide to each subject, to friends, to teachers, to clubs – It’s completely up to you how you set it out. Try and incorporate lots of pictures, a variety of different fonts and colours and if you really want to show off, add animation and transitions to your slides. There is lots to celebrate, so you should really enjoy looking back and creating this.