May we remind parents and guardians of Year 6 pupils that the deadline for applications for transfer to secondary school is the 31st October

Year 6 Geography – W/B 13th July 2020

Lesson 6

Referring back to last week’s lesson, why do rivers flood? There are different reasons why rivers flood but generally, a river floods when there is too much water for the river channel to hold. This causes the water in the channel to overflow and cover the nearby land. The banks of the river can burst too. The river channel fills up when there has been excessive amounts of rainfall.

Today we will be studying the flooding that has occurred in 2013-2014 across the UK, focusing on the Somerset levels. Where is Somerset? Can you locate it on a UK map?

Look at the following video clips:

Somerset Rivers

UK severe weather: Somerset and Hull flood victims meet

UK floods: Floodwater ‘up to door knocker’ in Somerset

What happens to a house when the water drains away?

UK floods: Water forces out Somerset residents

Somerset floods crisis: How the story unfolded

Look at the satellite images below. These are useful to learn more about earth and can be useful in a rescue/emergency operation. Stick the satellite image in the middle of a page and write a short explanation of the difference between the images (before and after).

You will prepare and present a short TV news report explaining the Somerset floods. You can take on the role of: reporter, rescue worker, homeowner etc. It is your choice. You must use all the information gathered in your report.

Look through the presentation and take notes in preparation for the report you will present.

How could such major flooding have been avoided/prevented? Watch this video

Somerset floods: Is dredging a silver bullet?    

Extension Activity

Explore the differences and similarities between flooding in Bangladesh and UK. Do you think there is a difference between the ways in which countries respond to floods depending on development? Does being less developed cause greater problems when flooding occurs? Why?